Caiman Lodge: Amazon Jungle Tour 4 Days / 3 Nights

One of the best spots in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Caiman Lodge is at one of the best spots in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, really close to the Laguna Grande and reachable by canoe all year long, not depending on the season. The Caiman Lodge is the newest Lodge in Cuyabeno and build and designed by two of the most experienced guids & manager of Cuyabeno. It accommodates up to 38 people in three individual guest huts; each hut has 2 – 4 double or triple bedrooms (as required) each with its own private bathroom and shower. There is also a relaxing area, hammocks and an amazing bird watching tower with a great view from the 7th floor over the lagoon and the jungle. All our guests are assisted by an accredited naturalist guide, a licensed canoe driver and the Caiman Lodge Crew.

The Cuyabeno Reserve is a protected area since 26 July 1979 with an area of 603.380 square kilometers. One of the main objectives of the Cuyabeno Reserve is the continuous conservation of the Amazonian ecosystem- the most complex ecosystem in the world. This reserve is a complex of rivers, lagoons, and flooded forest. This protected area is characterized by its high biodiversity and interactions between the species inhabiting the area. The Reserve’s geomorphology is a consequence of the rivers carrying sediments and materials from the Andes, mainly by the Aguarico River.

The immense volume of water flowing down from the mountains maintains the naturally high water levels ensuring that the river is navigable all year round. In the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve there are 10 monkey species, 4 caiman species, 590 bird species, 167 mammals, 90 amphibians, 90 reptiles and hundreds of insect and spider species, along with an incredible record of 307 tree species per hectare. There are two seasons, dry and rainy. Access to the lodges are by fluvial (river) transport offered by the local indigenous communities coordinated by the lodge and a highly trained, accredited naturalist guide.

We will meet in Lago Agrio at 9:00 am, where we will take private transportation to the entrance of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, there we will have lunch. At this point the visitors will board the canoe. Here our Naturalist Guide will provide information about the Reserve, important recommendations and other tips to begin the two-hour canoe ride down the Cuyabeno River to Caiman Lodge. During the canoe ride you will get a first glimpse of the amazing flora and wildlife found in the jungle. You may also be able to see a variety of monkeys and other jungle animals, depending on the time and weather conditions. We will arrive at Caiman Lodge at around 3:00 pm. At that time, you will be shown to your rooms and you will be able to relax. After a siesta, we will leave the camp for a swim in the lagoon and to watch a beautiful sunset while also having the possibility to spot freshwater dolphins. You will then return to the camp. After dinner, we will head out for an exciting nightwalk. Finish your first day in the jungle relaxing in a hammock having a cold beer.

Day Jungle Hike in the Primary Forest where the guide will explain the ecology of the rainforest, medicinal plants and flora and fauna interactions of the most biodiverse ecosystem on Earth. We will get back to the Lodge to have lunch and have some time to relax. In the afternoon, we will go paddling around the flooded Igapo inundated forest around the Laguna Grande to watch out for wildlife of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. (And if you are up to it we can swim while watching the sunset again.) In the evening, we will head out by motor canoe to look for caimans.

We will head out downstream to the Puerto Bolivar Siona Community and there we will be welcomed by one of the indigenous women and she will take us to the yuca plantation to harvest some yucas and with our help she will show us the preparation of one of their traditions foods, Casave (Yuca flat bread). After this the guide will introduce you to one of the last 4 Shamans of the Siona tribe in Ecuador and there one of them will explain their cosmovision directly related to the Ayahuasca brew, he will perform an energy cleansing part of the ritual singing their chants which come from a millenary Shaman-apprentice oral tradition. We have lunch at the Community and be back in the Lodge in the afternoon. For the sunset, we can go and enjoy the lagoon again.

Early morning birdwatching (5:30) and sunrise, breakfast at the lodge and at 9:30 return to the Cuyabeno bridge where we will have a box lunch and then you will be picked up by a shuttle bus which will take you to Lago Agrio so you can get back to Quito either by bus or airplane.

Standard accommodation $340.00

Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Drinks (water, café, tea, hot chocolate, juice)
Accommodation with private bathroom (matrimonial, double, triple and multiple rooms)
Full transportation from Lago Agrio to Caiman Lodge and back to Lago Agrio
Amazon naturalist guide in English
Rain ponchos and boots for the duration of your Amazon Jungle Tour

Personal Expenses
Airfare or land transportation Quito-Lago Agrio-Quito
Other not specified
Travel Insurance

Flash lights
Mosquito repellent
Water bottle

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